AIC Library

The Education Centre consists of a Library which provides resources on Islamic and Arabic Cultures and this will help:

  • Muslims and Non Muslims in accessing resources of knowledge to these great religion and cultures
  • Non Muslims in understanding more about Islam and Arabic cultures, hence bringing people together and improve relations across communities.
  • A place for people to spend useful time which has great benefits to everyone.



The Education Centre will consist of Eight Class Rooms which will have the following direct benefits:

  • Providing Religious Education to all interested community members (Muslims and Non Muslims)
  • Providing Arabic Language Education to all interested community members (Muslims and Non Muslims)
  • Closing the Gap of Knowledge about Islam and Arabic Culture which exists in our Australian Society, hence improving relations and tolerance across various communities of our society.


Want to learn more?

We have opportunities for Muslims and non-Muslims to learn more about Islam, Muslims, the Arabic language, and issues of particular interest.

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